Trip & Fall; Hip Fracture
Style of Case: Rodgers v. Paynic Home for Funerals
Client:    Home for Funerals
Trial End Date:    7/15/2013
Court:    Third Judicial Circuit, Madison County, Illinois
Type of Case:    Premises Liability / Negligence
Judge:    The Honorable Thomas Chapman
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Martin K. Morrissey
Jury Verdict
Plaintiff estate representative claimed her mother sustained a hip fracture falling on a curb near the entry area of the funeral home. Plaintiff alleged the configuration of the entry was inappropriate for patrons and the lighting in the region insufficient. Plaintiff claimed medical bills of $33,000.00 and another $45,000.00 in damages for pain and loss of normal life. Defendant argued no liability as there was no defect in the premises, and the patron had voluntarily encountered an obvious condition.  
Last Demand:      
Verdict:     Not guilty.

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