Rear End Auto Accident - Diskectomy, Fusion
Style of Case: Richard D. Ford v. Terry Grizzle
Client:    Terry Grizzle
Trial End Date:   10/11/2007
Court:    Third Judicial Circuit Court, Madison County
Type of Case:    Rear End Auto Accident - Diskectomy, Fusion
Judge:    The Honorable Andreas Matoesian
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Michael J. Bedesky
Jury Verdict
Plaintiff was rear-ended on Main Street near the Edwardsville Courthouse. He eventually underwent a diskectomy and fusion and incurred in excess of $70,000 in medical bills. Plaintiff was treated by chiropractors, pain management specialists and neurosurgeons in Illinois, Missouri and Florida. Plaintiff had a pre-existing herniated disc in his neck and this same disc was removed following the subject accident. Plaintiff had two prior neck injuries before the accident in this case. Plaintiff also retained an expert neurologist, Dr. Robert Margolis, to substantiate his claim that the accident at hand caused the need for the surgery. Photos of the vehicles showed substantial damage to Defendant's vehicle but no visible damage to Plaintiff's vehicle.  
Last Demand:    None
Verdict:    The jury returned a defense verdict.

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