Wrongful Death; Emergency Medical Services
Style of Case: Paula Edgar, as the Executrix of the Estate of Paul Worthen, Deceased v. Medstar Ambulance, Inc.
Client:    Medstar Ambulance Inc.
Trial End Date:   9/20/2007
Court:    3rd Judicial Circuit Court, Madison County
Type of Case:    Wrongful Death; Emergency Medical Services
Judge:    The Honorable Andy Matoesian
Reed Armstrong Lawyer who tried the case:  Stephen C. Mudge
Jury Verdict
The plaintiff's representative sued Medstar Ambulance Company for allegedly causing the death of Paul Worthen. The defendant denied any liability and denied plaintiff was damaged to the extent claimed. Keith Short of Goldenberg, Heller, Short & Antognoli was plaintiff's counsel.  
Last Demand:    $500,000
Verdict:    $20,000 after setoffs

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